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Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN’S KEYNOTES by Dr Ashok Kumar Dantkale

– Selective pointers through Allen’s keynotes by Dr. Shyam Kumar Vaishnav, is a very useful and Handy book for U.G students, P.G. scholars and also for practitioners

-This work is a Brilliant compilation of the most commonly used Materia Medica book – Allen’s Keynotes

-Different sections in this book helps in easy remembrance and understanding of drugs by students, helps P.G scholars and practitioners for Quick revision and references to pointers.

-Divisions also help to compare and contrast the medicines which has action on particular group of people

-Sections like Do’s & Dont’s, antidotes are the highlights of this book because of its practical utility.

SELECTIVE -This unique compilation of Allen’s Keynotes helps in POINTERS through ALLEN’S KEYNOTES

Dr Shyam Kumar Vaishnav.

Understanding the special affinity of the drugs towards certain groups or constitutions.

-I congratulate Dr.Shyam Kumar Vaishnav for this wonderful work & wish him all the best for his upcoming professional endevaours.

-Dr Ashok Kumar Dantkale, MD (Hom), SCPH Professor & PG Guide,Dept of Materia Medica,

Govt Homoeo Medical College and Hospital, Dr Siddaiah Puranik Road, Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore -79.

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