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Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN’S KEYNOTES by Dr.Gajanan Dhanipkar

Dear Dr Shyam,

The main reason for the delay to write the review was to understand the clinical efficacy of your work. But after going through the content and the structure of the book it will for me and the students open a dimension in a case taking.The most important according to me is that the book mainly focusses on the ailments in different phases of life-childhood,young girls,old age etc -as this is neglected feature in case taking to associate ailments in phase of life as this will help younger generation to come to similumum quickly and effectively the chapter on modalities will give a added advantage as the source is very authentic instead of viewing this book as version of allen, it can be a reference guide in case taking or like a repertory of phases of life and ailments thereafter… When I saw this book in the above perspective it seemed like a guiding light for all of us who miss the similumum.

The one aspect one should be careful to differentiate the symptoms during phase of life as hormonal or constitutional so we can decide if the patient will need a homoeopathic remedy or a sarcode

The book reflects your ardent efforts and zeal to heal by finding new ways and sharing your experience to the will go a long way in helping the real seeker of this wonderful healing science .My best wishes to all your future endeavours. Thanks a lot


-Dr.Gajanan Dhanipkar, MD(HOMOEO) Author of-1) Conquering Fever with Homoeopathy 2) Conquering Thyroid with Homoeoopathy. FACULTY-1) THE OTHER SONG ACADEMY, MUMBAI, 2) WISH (World Institute of Sensation Homoeopathy),

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