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Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN’S KEYNOTES by Dr Rohit Deshpande

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN’S KEYNOTES by Dr Rohit Deshpande

Dr. Shyam Vaishnav’s book, “SELECTIVE POINTERS THROUGH ALLEN’S KEYNOTES,” is a remarkable addition to the field of homeopathy. Allen’s Keynotes, already a widely read work in Materia Medica, has been made even more accessible and valuable with this new book. The author’s approach to collecting similar symptoms in one place is a game-changer for both students and experienced practitioners. It simplifies the process of understanding and distinguishing remedies, ultimately providing an answer to the often vexing question of how to find a remedy quickly and efficiently, particularly within specific population groups.

The book is thoughtfully organized into two sections, with the most crucial symptoms categorized under 11 subsections, based on different phases of life, addictions, seasons, and accompanied by valuable Do’s and Don’ts. This structure not only enhances comprehension but also makes it a quick and handy reference for prescription.

One of the standout features of “SELECTIVE POINTERS THROUGH ALLEN’S KEYNOTES” is the THUMB RULE section. This section offers a unique perspective on learning, encouraging readers to delve deeper into Allen’s Keynotes. It’s a thought-provoking addition that sets this book apart.

The emphasis on categorizing remedies by age groups, gender groups, and even pediatric remedies is a great boon for students, postgraduate scholars, and physicians alike. Furthermore, the inclusion of a list of drugs for convenience is a thoughtful touch. –

Dr Rohit Deshpande, Gold medalist, (Author of several best selling textbooks in Homoeopathy)

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