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Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN’S KEYNOTES by Dr.Satyajit Kuchar

Such a book was needed indeed and the Homoeopathic fraternity shall be grateful to you for your endeavor. This book was needed because it serves as a desktop reference and I prefer to call it supplementation to study of Allen’s keynotes.

I recommend every serious student and practitioner of Homoeopathy to have a copy of it.

Such a meticulous work is the reflection of your meticulous personality.

Your thought behind writing the book the necessity of segregation is very well mentioned in the preface

Please make a word index and glossary of terms.

The Thumb rule chapter is very nice and helpful but I think the name Thumbrule can be changed with a more appropriate one.Sorry for being blunt in this regard

One small section can be added, Stalwarts comments, Eg – By Lippe,Dr.Hering, Dr.Hahnemann etc

Thank you so much for such a literary treat. Blessing and best wishes

-Dr.Satyajit Kuchar,

M.D.(Homoeopathic Materia Medica),

Consultant Homoeopath,

Author -Widening horizons in study of Homoeopathy Founder -We and Homoeopathy academy

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