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While practising with the centesimal scale of potency, Dr. Hahnemann faced various hurdles in the road of “Highest Ideal cure”, as stated by him in his Aphorism 2, in Organon of Medicine.

Dr. Hahnemann meditated upon the facts and difficulties and their possible rectification. Main difficulties faced by him were-

  1. Too long duration of medicinal action even of highest potency.
  2. Aggravations were quite common even with the best precise similimum .
  3. Controversies and confusion were arising in the mind of practising with regard to selection of potency and dosage.
  4. Gentle and rapid cure was not possible .
  5. Repetition of dose has become a question due to remnants of symptoms of previous medicine.

Dr Hahnemann was not satisfied with this kind of Cure and devoted himself to further investigation and search for an even better ideal of preparation of medicine. He worked from 1838 to 1842, 5 years, and brought “new altered but perfect method” of preparation of homoeopathic medicine in his manuscript of 6th edition of Organon of Medicine.

He called this new method of medicine preparation as “perfect method”, “new dynamisation method” in his book. Unfortunately, the 6th edition of Organon of Medicine was published after the death of the master (2nd July, 1843) so some physicians still consider this as a non Hahnemannian way of medicine preparation.

Major changes in Organon of Medicine wrt 50 MIllesimal potency-

 Dr. Hahnemann has discarded many of his formulations from the 5th edition representing centesimal potency and introduced 50 millesimal potency as” new altered but perfect method of medicine preparation”, in footnote of Aphorism 246 6th edition. He wrote Aphorism 246 and 170 in context of this new method of medicine preparation.

Dr Kent said about this method of preparation of Homoeopathic Medicine that ”Let all men learn from him until they can do as he did, for he was, and still he is, the teacher above all others.”

Dr Hahnemann wrote to his publisher that in comparison to previous ones, it was “the most nearly perfect of all.” 

Features of 50 Millesimal potency-

  1. New altered but perfect method
  2. Touches all suffering parts curatively.
  3. Problem of increase of original symptoms of chronic diseases solved.
  4. No more dangerous aggravations.
  5. Produces medicines of highest development of power and mildest action.
  6. One hal, one- quarter and even still less period of recovery, rapid cure might be obtained.
  7. Can be repeated for months, if selected carefully.
  8. Best to begin with, in cases of chronic diseases.
  9. Perfect foundation of “highest ideal of cure”.
  10. Higher degrees, milder (gentle) actions.

Preparation of 50 Millesimal potency-

Dr Hahnemann explained preparation of medicine form this new method in aphorism 270 -271 of Organon of Medicine , 6th edition, as-

Step 1 –  Obtain 3rd successive trituration from original substance, the power of which will be 1:100

Step 2-  Take one grain of 3rd trituration and dissolve it in 500 drops of solution ( 100 drops of alcohol and 400 drops of  distilled water )

This is known as “The Mother Potency of New Method”. The ratio of this is 1:500.

Step 3 – One drop from this mother potency is mixed with 100 drops of alcohol and 100 hard succussions are given.

1st potency of 50 Millesimal potency is thus prepared. From this, 500 globules (of 10 no. size) are moistened with one drop of 1st potency.

Step 4 – One globule (moistened with previous potency) is taken in a one drachm vial and one drop of distilled water is added to dissolve it completely.

Step 5 – Add 100 drops of alcohol in vial and succused 100 times. And in this way 2nd potency is prepared.

Step 6 –  Further potency can be prepared in a similar way.

Drug power of 50 Millesimal potency –

3rd triturated potency – 1:10,00,000

Mother potency of New Method – 1:50,00,00,000

1st potency – 1:50,00,00,00,000

2nd potency – 1:50,00,00,00,00,000

Sign of New Method- 

This new method of medicine is represented as – “50 Millesimal scale”, “Millesimal scale”, “LM potency” , etc.

The representation is done in either way- 0/1, 0/2, 0/3…… OR LM/1, LM/2, LM/3 (L= 50, M= Millesimal), …..etc.

Mode of Administration of Medicine of 50 Millesimal Potency- 

Dr Hahnemann narrated about the mode of administration of medicine of new method in aphorisms 246 to 248 of 6th Edition of Organon of Medicine.

He classified diseases to simplify rule of administration of medicine-

  1. Very urgent and dangerous cases
  2. Acute cases.
  3. Chronic cases.

First case – frequent repetitions required, in every 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes and so.

Second case – repetitions allowed every two to six hours.

Third case – repetition everyday or every second day.

Preparation of Medicinal Solution for Administration- 

Step 1 –  take 4 oz. new, clean vial with cork.

Step 2 –  fill up to 3/4th part of the vial with purified or distilled water.

Step 3 –  put in 15 – 20 drops of alcohol for preservation. And put 7 marks (for dose reference) on it.

Step 4 –  take one globule of medicated globules of decided potency, crush it with sugar of milk and put in the vial.

Step 5 – give it to the patient and explain to him clearly the instructions to take medicine.

Instructions for patients –

Step 1 – take one clean glass, fill it with 4 oz of pure drinking water.

Step 2-  give 8,10,12, time necessary strokes before adding dose to glass.

Step 3 –  add one dose of medicine(up to one mark, each time), stir it well with a teaspoon.

Step 4 –  take one teaspoon of thus prepared medicine.

Step 5 –  throw away the rest of the prepared medicine in the glass.

Step 6 –  follow the same steps, each time and prepare a fresh solution each time.

{ REFERENCE – 50 Millesimal Potency in Theory and Practice by Dr. Harimohon Choudhary , Find this book here – }

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