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Gems – Textbook Of Homeopathic Materia Medica

Author: J D Patil
(3 customer reviews)

The book is humbly dedicated to JAMES TYLER KENT. This book has been a dream of the author Dr. J. D. Patil since his young days his teaching career. He is the author of 5 bestselling books on different aspects of Materia Medica.

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The book is humbly dedicated to JAMES TYLER KENT. This book has been a dream of the author Dr. J. D. Patil since his young days his teaching career. He is the author of 5 bestselling books on different aspects of Materia Medica.

What is Materia Medica? How has it evolved? What are the sources and source books of Homoeopathic material medica? How has been materia medica constructed, its different types, different approaches to study Materia medica? These are all the basic questions faced by a Homeopathic student starting from First year BHMS and continued till their post graduation years and this book proves to be a boon to the students for answering all these questions all at one hand.

The initial chapters of the book give distinctive information on topics like Sensations as if, Desires, Aversions, Fears, dream and discuss rare and peculiar rubrics proving it to be a desktop companion for Homeopathic practitioners.

A very interesting chapter on Trios of Homeopathic remedies is given, again very important for viva voce.

A section on the descriptions of 180 medicines is provided covering various aspects of the drugs exhaustively. He has emphasized upon the symptoms that are indeed the soul of the remedy and is extremely useful clinically. Having almost all subheadings of the drugs which are necessary for learning.

For the last minute revision, the requirement is to have a look at important pointers of each drug, luckily laid out by this book. Students will be faced with questions as to who proved a certain drug, the author has made all the efforts to provide that too, isn’t this commendable?

Also a flow chart of remedies –at a glance is added in appendix for quick reference for when your friend will ask you a question, you’ll just have to peep in here secretly! Readers tend to neglect the glossary and appendix parts mostly, but this book keeps you hooked till the end as it provides word meanings of the difficult medical terms. Yes Yes you can google them, but books keep you less distracted, don’t they?

The author has really justified its name, there are many Materia Medica books in the market which are bulky, heavy, lengthy, exhaustive but this book is different in its approach and utility. The writer is blessed with an uncommon intellect and vast experience. Extremely well formatted book touching all aspects in brief.

Book High Light

1. Easy to understand language. No complicated words or sentences. Even a student from non-English medium will understand the language.

2. Simplified explanation of each drug.

3. Guide lines for students about ‘HOW TO STUDY HOMOEOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA’.

4. Useful for students of all years of BHMS and MD course.

5. With Therapeutic Index and Glossory

6. Flow Chart of Remedies at a Glance

7. Foreword by Vice-Chancellor of Maharastra University of Health Sciences Nashik (MS)

8. Special chapter of Bio-Chemic System of Medicine

9. 180 Homoeopathic Medicines

10. Special chapter regarding introduction


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3 reviews for Gems – Textbook Of Homeopathic Materia Medica

  1. Dr Md Hamayoun Ahmed

    The writer has really justified its name.certainly deserves a place on the table while doing practice. its different in its approach and utility. and vast experience has only emphasised upon the symptoms


    All important medicines are explained well

  3. Anil TT

    This is a fantastic book. All the information are easily accessible.

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J D Patil

J D Patil Biography And Books Dr.J.D. Patil is a well-known author and teacher in homeopathic field. He is a highly qualified principal and was the former director of s.w. maharashtra university of health sciences, nasik. He has 36 years of teaching experience for ug and pg courses in homeopathy. He is a guide and post graduate teacher for m.d. and phd homeopathy. He has been a much sought after teacher not only in maharashtra but also in many other states. He has many best seller books to his credit like gems of homeopathic materia medica, group study in homeopathic materia medica, gems of biochemic materia medica, textbook of applied materia medica, etc.