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Homoeopathic Therapeutics

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An outstanding and laborious effort by a pioneer in the field of homeopathic therapeutics. The purpose of this book is to provide a historical perspective of homeopathy & its progress over the ages. The author also justifies the scientific exactitude in homeopathy & correlates it with advances made in the modern system.

It offers a vast array of ailments and conditions with thorough and reliable remedy differentiations.

-This is a complete work and an easy reference listing various disorders alphabetically with remedy reference.

-There is also a provision of detailed explanation of pathological conditions, with a vast remedy collection and a view on its scientific differential diagnosis.

-The book enables students as well as homeopathic practitioners to have a vast approach to all clinical cases suggesting a wide range of remedies for numerous medical conditions along with a scope for evaluation of the diagnosis.

An easy reference guide to be applied clinically enabling students and homoeopathic practitioners to enhance their art of prescription.


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Dr. Samuel Lilienthal

Dr. Samuel Lilienthal Biography and Books ILIENTHAL, SAMUEL, was born at Munich, Germany, November 5, 1815, and died October 3, 1891, at the age of almost, seventy-six years. Peaceful as was his life so was his death. Cheerful and happy to the last, he went quietly to sleep, never to awake again on this earth. He entered the German high school at an early age and graduated in 1834. He matriculated at the University of Munich in the fall of 1834, and after a year of preparatory study entered upon the study of medicine. He took his degree of doctor of medicine in 1838, and continued his studies in the clinics of the Municipal Hospital at Munich, until the fall of 1839, when he came to Amer...