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Selective Pointers Through Allen’ S Keynotes

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Allen’s Keynotes is one of Materia Medica’s most widely read books. Given the difficulties readers face in understanding and remembering the materia medica, the author has come up with SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN’S KEYNOTES. It’s a collection of similar symptoms in one place, making it easy to remember and distinguish the remedies. This book is to provide an answer to the vexed question “How shall I get a remedy quickly in a particular group of population & without much effort?”

Book Highlights:

• the book is divided into 2 sections in which, the most important symptoms are arranged under 11 subsections, based on different phases of life, addictions, seasons along with the Do’s and Don’ts

• its easy for comprehension and also quick for reference and prescription

• The THUMB RULE section gives a different perspective of learning making the reader ponder and go to the depth of Allen’s Keynotes

• Emphasis had been on dividing age groups, gender groups& even on pediatric remedies, a list of drugs has been incorporated for the convenience of students, PG scholars, and the physicians



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Dr. Shyam Kumar Vaishnav

Dr Shyam Kumar Vaishnav has completed PG in the Dept. of Materia Medica in Dr Allu Ramalingaiah Govt. Homoeo Medical College, Rajamahendravaram. He stood State Th in AIAPGET (All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test) 2018. He had put in constant efforts for the CMES to be organized in the college and has taken active leadership in organizing and conducting medical camps and also selflessly served in spreading awareness and prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The zeal and passion shown by the author has always been iconic. Stood State 1stand received Gold Medal in Subject of Organon of Medicine in 1st BHMS.Completed Bachelor Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S) in t...

Book Review on Selective Pointers through Allen's Keynotes by Dr Meghna Shah

'Selective pointers through Allen's Keynotes' feels like a refreshing revision of one of my favourites, Allen's Keynotes. The idea presented in the book where remedies with their key indications are alphabetically and systematically listed, under specific and interesting categories - such as old people, women, climacteric, pregnancy, children, etc. There are couple of more interesting chapters like Dos and Don't's which give specific indications of when a remedy should be or not be repeated, for example, Cina maritima follows well in intermittent fever after Capsicum. The chapter Thumb rule gives very specific indications of the remedies, such as Camphora as tongue cold, flabby, with trembl...

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr Aadil Chimthanawala

I have gone through the write up and I must say that it provides a new perspective of studying and remembering Allen's Keynotes. Dr Shyam deserves kudos and congratulations for publishing this manuscript. Let this be the first of many more to come from the pen of this young budding homeopath. -Dr Aadil Chimthanawala, India's first Homoeopathic Cardiologist - MBBS, DNB (Internal Medicine), BHMS, MD Medicine in Homeopathy. Pursuing Phd - Secretary of The National Academy of Homeopathy, India -Lectures on Homeopathy at USA, Malaysia, Australia, Morocco, Saudi, UAE -AWARDS= Dr. Hahnemann Award for Excellence in Homeopathy, Avantika Dhanwantri Award,HOMOEO SHREE, Star of Homeopat...

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr Ashok Kumar Dantkale

- Selective pointers through Allen's keynotes by Dr. Shyam Kumar Vaishnav, is a very useful and Handy book for U.G students, P.G. scholars and also for practitioners -This work is a Brilliant compilation of the most commonly used Materia Medica book - Allen's Keynotes -Different sections in this book helps in easy remembrance and understanding of drugs by students, helps P.G scholars and practitioners for Quick revision and references to pointers. -Divisions also help to compare and contrast the medicines which has action on particular group of people -Sections like Do's & Dont's, antidotes are the highlights of this book because of its practical utility. SELECTIVE -T...

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr. Kirankumar Gaddi

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr. Kirankumar Gaddi Allen's Key notes are the most validated and extensively used Homoeopathic Materia Medica by many Homoeopaths. Dr Shyam's thought process of further bringing down the remedies under various headings has made the usage simpler and quicker. I congratulate him for his work and wish him the best for his future endeavours. From, -Dr. Kirankumar Gaddi MD(Homoeopathic Materia Medica) Professor and HOD of Homoeopathic Materia Medica; PG co-ordinator, DR B.D. JATTI HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE, HOSPITAL & PG RESEARCH CENTRE, Dharwad-580001, Karnataka.

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr Sushant Kulkarni

Dr Shyam Kumar Vaishnav congratulations on publishing SELECTIVE POINTERS through Allen's keynotes. The work created by you is an Exceptional example of understanding the materia Medica in a new way. The rearrangement of the remedies will definitely help the students and the budding homoeopaths. The book also stands out because of new features like do's and don'ts, habits, seasons and months. This book would be a great contribution in the field of Homoeopathy especially for students and Homoeopathic newbies. I wish you all the best. -Dr Sushant Kulkarni, MD (HOM) Associate professor and HOD, Department of Surgery, BHARATESH HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL, BELGAUM...

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr. Anand J Hosur

Dear Dr Shyam Kumar Vaishnav, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your book SELECTIVE POINTERS through Allen's Keynotes. I am always student of Homeopathy and I have found your book very useful and INFORMATIVE. It has helped me to understand and remember the Materia Medica better and to apply it in my practice. I appreciate your efforts in compiling the most important symptoms under DIFFERENT CATEGORIES, such as age groups, gender groups, addictions, seasons, do's and don'ts, antidotes and thumb rule. I also like the way you have presented the remedies in a CLEAR and CONCISE manner, with references to Allen's Keynotes. Your book has made learning Materia Medica EASIER...

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr Mallesh Reddy

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr Mallesh Reddy "SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN 'S KEYNOTES (with a note on Seasons, Habits, Do's & Don'ts in Cases)", published in 2021 by B. Jain Publishers, is a meticulous attempt by Dr. Shyam Kumar Vaishnav. I would like to congratulate him for impressing the homoeopathic fraternity with his hard work.The book will definitely ease the understanding of Allen's key notes from a different angle. His attempt at segregating the symptoms that are of similar nature or belong to similar conditions is amazing. This concise work will be helpful to the practitioners and the students who prepare for the competitive exams. ...

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr. Parag Sharma

Dr. Shyam Kumar Vaishnav, the little master from the Andhra Pradesh is a focused, dedicated and a dynamic student of this healing art, Homoeopathy. The book 'SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES (with a note on seasons, Habits, Do's & Don'ts in cases)', if not there in your bookshelf for competitive examination, considers it incomplete a collection. He made an attempt to render the student's task less difficult, to simplify its arrangement, to make it both interesting and easily comprehensible. You can study this book at your Undergraduate level to understand the depth of Allen's keynotes arrangement, absorb this book at your Post Graduate level to understand the differ...

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr.Gajanan Dhanipkar

Dear Dr Shyam, The main reason for the delay to write the review was to understand the clinical efficacy of your work. But after going through the content and the structure of the book it will for me and the students open a dimension in a case taking.The most important according to me is that the book mainly focusses on the ailments in different phases of life-childhood,young girls,old age etc -as this is neglected feature in case taking to associate ailments in phase of life as this will help younger generation to come to similumum quickly and effectively the chapter on modalities will give a added advantage as the source is very authentic instead of viewing this book as version of ...

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr Rohit Deshpande

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr Rohit Deshpande Dr. Shyam Vaishnav's book, "SELECTIVE POINTERS THROUGH ALLEN'S KEYNOTES," is a remarkable addition to the field of homeopathy. Allen's Keynotes, already a widely read work in Materia Medica, has been made even more accessible and valuable with this new book. The author's approach to collecting similar symptoms in one place is a game-changer for both students and experienced practitioners. It simplifies the process of understanding and distinguishing remedies, ultimately providing an answer to the often vexing question of how to find a remedy quickly and efficiently, particularly within specific popul...
Dr.Satyajit Kuchar

Book Review on SELECTIVE POINTERS through ALLEN'S KEYNOTES by Dr.Satyajit Kuchar

Such a book was needed indeed and the Homoeopathic fraternity shall be grateful to you for your endeavor. This book was needed because it serves as a desktop reference and I prefer to call it supplementation to study of Allen's keynotes. I recommend every serious student and practitioner of Homoeopathy to have a copy of it. Such a meticulous work is the reflection of your meticulous personality. Your thought behind writing the book the necessity of segregation is very well mentioned in the preface Please make a word index and glossary of terms. The Thumb rule chapter is very nice and helpful but I think the name Thumbrule can be changed with a more appropriate one.Sorry f...