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Therapeutic Guide: Forty Years Practice

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This masterpiece by Dr. Jahr includes personal observations regarding truly reliable and practically verified curative indications of acute cases. Written in a narrative style using an alphabetical order of the condition.  Although this volume was intended for beginners in Homeopathy, yet it will likewise prove an acceptable guide to physicians of riper experience. It will certainly assist them in refreshing their memory and facilitating their meanderings through the mazes of our Materia Medica.

Jahr is not an extremist in the matter of doses but he holds fast to what Hahnemann taught and practiced in this respect; and although it is our own conviction that a departure from Hahnemann’s infinitesimals may in many cases prove a blessing to our patients; yet, on the other hand, we would say to our colleagues, and especially to our younger colleagues: Never spurn the practical wisdom bequeathed to us by Hahnemann in the matter of doses, and do not confound the materialism of this age with scientific progress.


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Georg Heinrich Gottlieb Jahr

Dr. Jahr was born in Neu Dietendorf (Saxe-Gotha), in January, 1800. He completed his classical education in the institutions of the Moravian Brethren, especially at Niesky, in Silesia, and his success was so brilliant that he passed without a period of transition from the benches of the students to the chair of the professor. Having suffered from a serious illness during the years of his professorship, he had recourse to Dr. Aegidi, the distinguished Homoeopathist of Dusseldorf, who restored him with unlooked for promptness, and this caused trial to share the enthusiasm for the doctrines of Hahnemann.