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Dr. H L Chitkara Biography and Books

Dr. H.L. Chitkara born in 1924 in a small village Vallah near Lalian in the Tehsil Chiniot (on bank of the river Chenab) in Pakistan, Dr. Chitkara grew up in a family practicing and dispensing Unani Medicine. He had a distinguished academic career culminating in graduation in pure and applied mathematics, together with Hons. (advanced course) in English literature from the prestigious Govt. College, Lahore. While he was in his Government job, he was fascinated by the system of homeopathy. He studied the science from late Rai Sahib Dr. Daya Shanker Kaistha, MD and then late Dr. VD Kashyap, a convert homeopath. Dr. Chitkara topped his DHS examination. He resigned his job and completely devoted himself for the betterment of Homeopathy both by practicing and enriching it’s literature. Dr. Chitkara was one of the key persons in devicing the Sehgal Method of Homeopathy along with Dr. Sehgal. He was the Chief Editor of Homeopathic Sandesh, Journal of the Homeopathic Medicine Association of India and Resident Editor of The Homoeopathic Heritage. He devoted his entire life for the advancement of homeopathy and worked for betterment of system as well as humanity till his last breath. His distinguished contributions will always be appreciated by the entire homeopathic community.

Books Authored by Dr. H L Chitkara