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Li Hongzhi – Founder of Falun Gong and President of the Falun Gong Research Society.  In 1992 a remarkable person and remarkable type of gong emerged in China’s qigong circles. These were the Falun Gong, which was accepted by the China Qigong Science Research Association as a school of gong, with Li Hongzhi as its founder, directly under the Association’s purview. Li Hongzhi made his first public appearance in May the same year. With his completely new approach that changed the traditional theories and methods of gong, and with his unique skills and characteristics, he has been attracting more and more qigong afficionados. All people who have shown interest in practicing Falun Gong are filled with admiration for his profound theories and methods, amazed by the superlative powers of his gong, and have been drawn by the unique effects of his gong. Falun Gong is like a resplendent pearl that, with its dazzling light, is dispelling the accumulated dust in the hearts of gong practitioners and has lit a bright light on the broad path of cultivation and practice (xiu lian da dao).