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There is enough scientific evidence available now that tells that everything (including us) in this universe is made up of molecules which have energy that are in constant motion, i.e., they VIBRATE. Now the question arises if we all are made up of vibrating molecules or have vibrational energy then why does it happen that some people radiate low energy, i.e., are constantly in low mood, fatigue, disappointment, stress, anxiety, fear, weeping spells, disturbed sleep, irritation, anger and frustration whereas some people radiate high energy, i.e., are happier, calmer, loving, kind and meditative.

The technique behind it is simple.

Every cell in our body is vibrating on its own frequency of harmony or disharmony and since our brain cells have the capacity to think and give meaning to them through emotions, every thought with intense feelings becomes the navigator of how are we going to perceive our environment around us and how are we going to attract what we think. Surprised! well we should be the creator of our miseries and happiness is only and only us.

So now comes the hard part- How to turn our lives from misery to bliss? Let me give you the insight and tools about it.

Till now we have understood that what we think is what we become. Now I am going to tell you How we become what we think?

So, here’s this example of 3 people eating apple.

First thinks “this is an apple that I am going to eat.” His emotion is neutral here and his experience of eating apple is also normal.

Second thinks “I like apples very much” before eating so, as he eats it, he feels happy, contented and happy because of his positive emotions about it.

Third thinks and feels “apples make me nauseous” and the first bite of it makes him throw it up because of his negative emotions.

So, what we learnt from this example is that the apple or we say CIRCUMSTANCE was same for all three of them but their experience (THOUGHT + FEELINGS) of it were different. This happens in real life as well. One person in a given circumstance can have all the negative feelings and hence will attract more negativity because the universe grants what vibrations we sent to it. And the other person’s reality of the same circumstance would be different because of his positive thoughts and feelings about it.

So the trick is – it’s not just about thought; it’s about what you FEEL about that thought. It’s the feeling/emotions that have energy, a thought is just a molecule and that emotional energy charges it up and produce vibrations which are radiated into the universe and the universe which also works on vibrations only (unintelligently) sends you back those vibrations/circumstances at which YOU are currently vibrating at.

For example, if you are feeling the loss of someone then you are going to attract circumstances/ people/ things that will enhance that feeling of loss.

Or if you are happy about even 1 normal meal to eat, the universe will never let you sleep hungrily.

So, its all about changing our thoughts and feelings from “want” to “already have”.

Instead of saying/ thinking/ feeling- “I want a car/ job/ house/ partner”, keep on repetitively saying/ thinking/ feeling- “I already have a car/ job/ house/ partner.”

“Want” shows lack and the universe being unintelligent will provide you with the feeling of lack since feelings hold energy while “have” shows that you are already fulfilled and the universe will provide you with more fulfillment.

After all it’s all in our heads!

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